About Us

The El Greco Spearfishing is a purely Greek company, aiming to design, construct and sell handmade spearguns and spearfishing equipments. 

Inspirer and creator of this effort is Dimitris Paschalis. 

His involvement with the spearfishing has started several years ago, initially as a hobby and then more intensively. The desire he had for a speargun that would meet specific needs, in combination with years of experience in this sport led him to design and construct his first speargun.
In this effort essential booster was his studies in industrial engineering, his knowledge on materials' endurance, on industrial design and on operation of mechanical equipment.
Over the time and the long daily friction with the object, the design and production evolved and the result justifies the idea of that venture.

Please be our guest and check our products.
We would be happy to produce your own special speargun! 

El Greco Spearfishing Team

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